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About the Center                   

  • Mahatma Phule Pratishthan is the first study center established in this University.
  • The center was started with University funding in 12th April 1989.

  • 30th August 1989 the constitution of this Pratishthan was sanctioned.
  • Principle P.B. Sawant  was first chairman of this center .


Since then following eminent scholars  work as Director of this center :

Sr. No.
Name of the Director
1 Mr.Sukhrame Hevrale 1992 to 1995
2 Dr.GagadhirPantavne 1995 to 1998
3 Prof.B.H.Kalyankar 1998  to 2008
4 Dr. S.H. Behere 2008 to 2010
5 Dr. SmitaAwachar December 2010 to till date


Aims & Objectives of the center


  1. The unit will be Research and Extension  Institute  devoted to research,     Thought  and literature of   Mahatma Phule and progressive movement allied with his work his in Maharashtra  and  reference to India will define  the field of inquiry.
  2. The unit will strive to enlighten, uplift, encourage  the depressed the unprivileged the socially and economically backward toiling rural masses the teeming man & woman. It will aim at providing opportunities for socio – cultural emancipation to ensure social  and political understanding of the masses, particularly those living in rural areas.
  3. The unit will work for secularism, democracy socialism. It will try to collect original papers and document’s publish in the 100 year’s or by the progressive movement’s  such as the "SATYASHODHAK" in order to acquaint society, with the true nature of such tasks as the Governing council of the Pratishthan will propose in accordance with the aims and objects of  Pratishthan.
  4. The activity of the Pratishthan will cover the rural area of  Marathwada and will be a continuous activity at different centre's  in the rural area by way of  "EARN AND LEARN SCHEME" and "EXTRA – MURAL ACTIVITIES ETC."
  5. This unit will publish periodicals, Journals, Booklets and small pamphlets on thoughts of Mahatma Phule and progressive movement in Maharashtra and in India.


Name of the person
1 Dr. Smita Awachar Director
2 Mr.Prashant. R. Wathore

Data entry operator for all study centres.

Plan of activities

  1. Mahatma Phule Center will conduct conferences, seminars & symposia in year on various social issues.
  2. Mahatma Phule Center will conduct lecturer series on social issues .
  3. Field work and action programms on some identified themes.
  4. Orientation & training programs for up liftman of excluded.
  5. Will conduct action - oriented research.
  6. The center will develop linkage between grassroots level workers & national level scholars.


Contact Us      :  

Mrs. Smita Awchar

Director, Mahatma PhulePratishthan

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

Phone Number : 0240-24003342