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Examination of Communal Harmony & Social Peace will be held on 06th May, 2015 at 11.30 onwards in Dept. of English Since the time we achieved independence the country has come a long way in terms of progress and development. In these years, some serious efforts have gone into the rebuilding the society and correcting imbalances, which had hitherto kept social structure in a skewed state. However, in view of the on-going task of nation-building, continuous attempts in this direction are called for. In the plethora of these endeavours taking place at different levels, an ounce of effort could also consist in reviving the legacy of the founding fathers of modern India and revisiting their thought on social, political and national development. No matter how much we condemn the schisms based on religion, caste and region in our society, the fact remains that we continue to be in the grips of forces intent upon creating disharmony and divisions amongst the people. Therefore, there is a strong need to resist these forces not only in the streets, but also in our minds and hearts. Setting up of Maulana Azad Chair at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University under the sponsorship of UGC is a small part of such an effort.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Chair aims at promoting the social, political and cultural ideas of Maulana Azad. Azad was one of the most prominent leaders of nationalist movement to whole-heartedly espouse not only the cause of Hindu-Muslim unity but also that of secularism and socialism. As such, study of Azad's ideas will certainly prove relevant in the current context, especially when the country has taken on hitherto untraveled path to globalisation. Such study is also important because Azad's areas of concern extended far beyond political. From being an outstanding religious scholar, having authored a commentary of Holy Quran, to being a poet, Journalist, essayist and orator, Azad commanded a multifarious personality. The Azad Chair thus offers students / research scholars a platform to explore the ideas of this versatile man and, if possible, exploit them as a resource to building the nation and society.

Objective of the Chair
  • To introduce and extend Maulana Azad's secular views
  • To disseminate his views on communal harmony and national integration
  • To introduce to academia and different social segments, Azad's concepts of access and equality
  • To introduce Azad's quest for educational excellence
  • To introduce his contribution to growth of technical and professional education in the country
  • To bring out his contribution to language and literature
  • To introduce his contribution to journalism
  • To start certificate course in Peace studies based on Azad's ideas. Government officers especially from Police, Revenue and Corporations will be admitted as takers of the course.

  • The Thrust Area
  • Journalism
  • Higher Education
  • Urdu and Arabic Literature
  • Freedom Movement
  • Comparative Study in religion
  • Secularism and Socialism

  • Implementation of Objectives and Achievements so far
  • Chair was established in the latter half of 2010. So far following activities have been organised under its auspices:
  • Comprehensive diploma syllabus on secular discourses has been prepared with the help of experts in the field.
  • Diploma course in Communal Harmony and Social Justice has been prepared.
  • A certificate course in Peace Studies has been prepared.
  • A-Extension Services

    • One of the basic objectives of this Chair is to reach out to the society especially teachers and students coming from different segments. With this in mind, a seminar on Azad's social and political views was organised in collaboration with Aurangabad Municipal Corporation in 2011.
    • Teachers and students from different colleges and schools with different medium of instructions (Marathi, English, Urdu and Hindi) participated in the seminar. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation played a proactive role in the seminar by taking several important initiatives like issuing special notices to government and corporation schools asking their teachers to attend the seminar. As a result, a large number of participants were present.
    • Professors and experts from disciplines and languages (Marathi, English, Urdu and Hindi) delivered lectures on the occasion.
    • Scholarly papers were presented on different dimensions of Azad's personality and his socio-political and cultural views.
    • Participants were given certificate of presentation and participation.
    B-Seminar Planned on Azad's Death Anniversary

    The Chair has planned a seminar on the eve of the death anniversary of Azad that falls on 22nd of February 2012 in collaboration with Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and Lok Seva Shikshan Prasrak Mandal. The event is proposed to be organised at Maulana Azad Research Centre, Majnu Hill, Aurangabad. Following activities are planned on the occasion:


    • The program will be inaugurated by the Muncipal Commissioner in the presence of Hon'ble Mayor, social leaders, comparators and other dignitaries from different walks of life.


    • A documentary highlighting Azad's life and work, his political struggle and socio-cultural contributions will be screened.


    • A workshop will be organised on New Education Policy and Maulana Azad in which experts from different discipline and languages (Marathi, English, Urdu and Hindi) will conduct deliberations.
    • Certificates will be awarded to the presenters and participators.

    Under the Chair two junior full-time research fellowships have been awarded to the following students:

    • Noor-ul-Ain
    • Aisha Siddiqua
    D-Upcoming Programmes

    • The Diploma Course will start in June-2012

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    Dr. Hameed Khan,
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    Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
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