Sahakar Mahrashri Balasaheb Pawar Adhyasan Kendra


    Research Fellowhsip for the year 2013-14

About the Center

State Level Symposium on 'Gatsheti' on 15 March,2016

If Marathawada is a land of saints, it is also the land of revolt. In this region, every man use to observe keenly, the activities which are taking place in the society. And the same revolt was deeply rooted in the body of the senior leader of Marathawada whose name was Late. Balasaheb Pawar. When we talk about Marathawada we are always reminded of four to five leaders especially and in these names, Balasaheb Pawar's name comes on the top. On seeing the aggression of Balasaheb and his minute observation, one used to feel it a weird chemistry. Most of the years of his age, went in the struggle for Marathawada whether that struggle was academic, or social or a political one in order to get the post of Chief Minister. In short, another name of struggle was... Balasaheb Pawar. He never cared for any obstacle that came in his way while struggling for his aims. He used to speak very clearly about the development of Marathawada. His contribution was immense in the fields of cooperation, agriculture and irrigation. Various movements such as Marathawada Vikas Andolan, Marathawada Vidyapeeth namantar andolan, railway broad-gauge movement became inspirational for many people due to the effective leadership of Balasaheb. Balasaheb always used to speak clearly about his stands whether they were accepted or unaccepted by others. His particularity about clear expression of his stands proved more problematic to him rather than giving him benefits.

Balasaheb Pawar has honoured many posts such as M.P., M.L.A., Chairman of Cooperative Banks, Chairman of Marketing Federation, Founder Chairman of various cooperative sugar factories, Secretary of Marathawada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Chairman of Textile Mills and many such posts. On being these posts, Balasaheb gave a major contribution for the rural population especially farmers, rural and downtrodden society through cooperation. Today Balasaheb is the leader of most of the people who are working in various fields such as politics, social work and education. Balasaheb was in fact a mobile university of the political field. He was known as an architect of creating leaders. Marathawada can never forget this leader who was immensely foresighted yet controversial, always fighting bravely for the self respect of Marathawada without caring for anyone, continuously. This research centre has been specially started in memory of the efforts of Balasaheb along with the effort of the treasuring the self respect of Marathawada.

Objectives of the Center

Following are the objectives of the Sahakar Maharshi Balasaheb Pawar Research Centre:-

  • To carry out research work on the work done by Sahakar Maharshi Balasaheb Pawar in the area of cooperation, agriculture, industry, irrigation, cooperative banks, sugar industry and education.
  • To conduct special studies on backlog of Marathwada. These studies will cover the subjects from primary education to higher education.
  • To carry out comparative studies of Marathwada and Maharashtra with respect to different sectors.
  • To organize lectures of the eminent persons working in the field of cooperation, agriculture, industry, irrigation, etc. to create awareness.

Activities of the Research Center

  • The Research Centre celebrates the anniversary of veteran leader Late Balasaheb Pawar on the University campus as well as in affiliate colleges every year.
  • The Research Centre awards fellowships to at least two Ph. D. students on per month basis for a period up to two years. The research themes identified by the Centre are development of Marathwada, cooperation, agriculture, industry, education, etc.
  • The research reports of the Research Centre are published in book form.
  • On behalf of this Centre, a fund of Rs. 10,000/- is given to a college every year to organize agricultural melas and exhibitions on new agriculture technology in rural areas, workshops on student personality development, seminars, etc.

This Center was established on 15th March, 2008. Chhatrapati Shivaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Kannad, Dist. Aurangabad had donated a fund of Rs. 10 Lakh to set up this Centre in the name of Veteran leader Sahakar Maharshi Balasaheb Pawar on the campus of this University. The University has kept this fund as fixed deposit in the bank and also constituted an advisory body for this Centre consisting of the Vice-Chancellor as the chairman and Registrar of the University as the ex-officio member of the body. Shri. Mansingh Pawar, the son of the Veteran leader, Director of the Centre and few others are the members of this advisory body. This body approves the activities to be undertaken by the Centre every year. The Centre has a Director who plans and implements the activities of the Centre. Dr. Abhijeet Shelke, Head, Department of Management Science of this Univeristy was the founder Director of this Centre (March 2008 - November 2011). Dr. V. B. Bhise, Professor, Department of Economics, is acting as the Director of this Centre from November, 2011.

As stated in the objectives, the Centre is expected to celebrate both the anniversaries (15th March and 25th November) of the veteran leader every year, hold seminars on development issues of the Maharashtra State in general and Marathwada region in particular, Workshops on students welfare related aspects, organize Melas and exhibitions on new agricultural technologies and farm practices for farming community, under take research projects particularly on the problems related to the development of Marathwada region and start some degree / diploma courses in identified areas. The annual expenses of the Centre on these activities are met from the interest income earned on the aforesaid bank deposited fund. It should be mentioned here that at present the Centre does not receive any financial support from the University and any other funding agencies.

Activities Done

The Centre has almost completed four years of its existence. During this period, the Centre has done few activities such as celebration of anniversary of the veteran leader, seminars, workshops and lecture series. A one - day seminar on 'Role of Cooperative Movement in Rural Development' was held on 22nd February, 2009 at Chistia Arts and Science College, Khultabad, Dist. Aurangabad. On the occasion of the anniversary of the veteran leader a seminar was organised at the Department of Management Science of the University on 25th November, 2009. The eminent Journalist Shri. Nagnath Fatale and Dr. Sudhir Gavhane of the University's Journalism Department were the speakers on this occasion. The Centre had organised a blood donation camp on the campus of the University on 3rd December, 2009. Nearly 50 teaching and non-teaching members of the University had donated blood voluntarily in this camp. The Centre had invited Padma Shri Balasaheb Vikhe-Patil, former Union State Minister for Finance, to speak on 'Cooperation: The Past, Present and Future' on 6th April, 2009. The Centre had organized a one-day seminar on 'Backlog of Irrigation Development in Marathwada and Government Policy' on 27 February, 2012. Dr. D. M. More, Dr. R. P. Kurulkar, Dr. S. B. Varade, Shri Sanjeev Unhale and Dr. S. T. Sangle were invited as the resource-persons for this seminar. The Centre had celebrated the birth anniversary of the veteran leader on 15th March, 2012. Dr. D. B. Choudhari, Dr.Vijay Bhosale and Dr. V. B. Khandare were the guests and speakers on this occasion. Though the Centre is about to complete four years for its existence, most of the activities done so far were organised during the calendar year 2009. Further, the Centre could not award the fellowships and carry out the research projects on the identified areas so far. Furthermore, the Centre has not introduced any short-term degree / diploma course so far.

Vision & Mission

VISION:The vision about the Centre could be that it should become a 'Centre for Studies on Regional Development' in the near future. In the past, this University had attempted to establish such a Centre to undertake interdisciplinary studies on social, demographic, economic and political issues and issues related to regional development. However, those attempts did not materialize due to unknown reasons. But now the University has a new opportunity to transform this Centre into a Centre for Studies on Regional Development. It is now aimed at to convert this Centre into a Centre for studies on regional development with the financial support from the funding agencies such as University Grants Commission, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Indian Council of Historical Research, Indian Council of Agricultural Research and the Government of Maharashtra. The Centre would plan its activities to realize this goal in the near future.

MISSION:The Centre would continue to discharge its functions to achieve the predetermined goals and fulfill the expectations as well.

  • The Centre would continue to celebrate anniversaries (15th March and 25th November) of the veteran leader Sahakar Maharshi Balasaheb Pawar every year. In fact, it would be an integral part of the functioning of the Centre.
  • The Centre has the objective of giving fellowships to students to undertake projects on the thrust areas such as agriculture, irrigation, cooperation, industry, education, etc. and on issues related to development of the Marathwada region. Unfortunately, the Centre has not awarded the fellowships and also not carried out research on the identified areas so far. The Centre would start this activity from the next academic year 2012-13.
  • This Centre is expected to organize seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc. The Centre would be conducting exhibitions on new agricultural technologies and farm practices in the affiliate rural college to benefit the farming community. It would also hold workshops on personality development for students on the University campus and in affiliate colleges. And it would be conducting one seminar on the issues related to development of the Marathwada region every year.
  • The Centre is expected to offer some short-term degree / diploma courses in the fields of co-operation, banking, insurance and management. However, no such courses, have been started so far. Now the Centre proposes to begin a six-month duration course in 'Agriculture Insurance' at the first instance provided that some additional financial resources are made available to the Centre. Later on, the Centre may introduce short-term courses on 'Management of Cooperatives', 'Electronic Banking' and 'Share Market'.
  • The Centre would take efforts to build and develop relations with local - self government institutions, cooperative institutions, manufacturing and banking industries particularly in Marathwada region for research, training and counseling services.
  • As a move towards making it a Centre of regional studies, the Centre would accord priority to undertake minor and major research projects on the regional developmental issues with the financial support from the national and even international - level agencies. This activity would be expanded year after year and finally the Centre would become a full-fledged Centre for studies on regional development.


Dr. V.B.Bhise
Director, Sahakar Maharshi Balasaheb Pawar Study Center,
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